Quick Estimator Construction Estimating Software

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Quick Estimator Construction Estimating Software

Are you spending too much time estimating projects with a poor success rate of closure?

Are you losing money on too many jobs?

Are you losing out on project opportunities because of your inaccurate estimating?

Does your professional image need to improve with better client proposals?

Is your current estimating software outdated, too difficult to use or lacking the features you need?

Are you failing to track the actual amount of labor time and materials used on the job?

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If you answered Yes to any of these questions then you need to take a look at Quick Estimator™. When setup for your business, Quick Estimator™ will save you countless hours and help you to produce more detailed, accurate, and professional estimates that win you more profitable jobs. With powerful features like Estimate Templates and Assemblies, you can create an estimate in minutes. Plus, with over seventy professional reports to choose from, you will look good on paper too. Quick Estimator™ goes beyond estimating with other powerful features such as QuickBooks Link, Job Tracking, Daily Diary, To-Do List, Photo Gallery and much more. Plus it is fun to use; you will no longer dread estimating but look forward to it and enjoy it.

Quick Estimator™ is an easy to use yet powerful estimating, job tracking, and project management program for small to medium sized contractors in any trade. It has many of the features of much more expensive programs, but at a fraction of the cost. Check out the features list, view an overview video or view the online User Guide which shows hundreds of screen shots. .

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Here are a few of the powerful features. See the Features page for a full list.

  • Has a modern, compact user interface. Most information can be viewed from one screen. (See screen shots or download a video)

  • Suitable for a wide variety of trades and businesses, including: General Construction, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Tile Work, Concrete Work, Landscaping, Maintenance & Repair plus many more.

  • Links to QuickBooks™ Pro 2003 or later (US & Canadian versions). Easily add customers and  projects from Quick Estimator™ to QuickBooks™. You can also instantly convert an estimate into a QuickBooks™ invoice.

  • Has built-in invoicing for people who do not want to use the QuickBooks link.

  • Each customer can have multiple projects and each project can have multiple estimates.

  • You can create assemblies and super assemblies which are of items grouped together as kits which can be added to estimates in one go. See Assemblies to learn more.

  • The ability to print purchase orders or supplier quote request sheets.

  • It's Job Tracking feature provides you with valuable information on percentage and dollar of profit/loss on all items and categories estimated. The information then can be reviewed or printed by task or category.

  • You can create Estimate Templates and then import them in to a new estimate. These are like pre-made estimates without any quantities for tasks you carry out a lot. You can import these into a new estimate and just enter the quantities. This greatly speeds up estimating.

  • Easier to email and fax estimates. A single click opens your email or fax software with the estimate ready to send.

  • Has a Daily Journal / Diary feature linked to Job Tracking with data collection sheets for site foreman.

  • Has a built in mail merge feature which allows you to send letters to one or more customers at a time. Even has its own word processor.

  • It can be used on Multi-user systems. Networking laptop or desktop computers is easy to set up.

  • It has a built in photo gallery where you can store and display pictures of your jobs. These could be pictures of completed jobs or before and after pictures. You can optionally link pictures to projects. Then, when viewing details for a project, you can click a button to view all pictures belonging to that project. You can also print the pictures using different layouts.

  • You can choose between fifteen different professional layouts for your customer proposals. You can also customize some of these further by choosing to hide any of the items, hide the quantities, hide prices and hide item notes. Any customizing you do will be saved with the estimate so if you need to print it again it will have the same layout.

  • You can set a different overhead recovery and profit percentage for each of the categories, Materials, Labor, Subcontract, Equipment and Miscellaneous for each customer.

  • Each project can have multiple estimates. Great for when a customer wants more than one estimate with different options for comparison.

  • If you have a notebook computer and a portable printer, you can do your estimates on the job. Imagine the customer's reaction when you produce a professional printed estimate ready for signing there and then. No more driving back to the job to get the proposal signed or because you forget to take some measurements. Complete synchronization system built-in.

  • You can add product images to cost book material and equipment items. These can optionally be printed on customer estimates. Really impress your customers.

  • Built-in project scheduling. Quick Estimator™ can calculate the end date for a project based on the estimated man-hours.

  • Easily import / export information from / to spreadsheets.

  • View maps and get turn-by-turn directions to your customers, projects and suppliers. Requires an internet connection.

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