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Types of Complaining Customer
by: Dermot Fitzpatrick

You canít please everyone, though as a business your main purpose is to please as many customers as possible so that they keep returning. When customers are dissatisfied with the service you are providing they will be one of three kinds of complainers: aggressive, passive or constructive.

Aggressive complainers are most difficult to please and are often more concerned with displaying their emotion than actually achieving a solution. Aggressive customers will often shout, jump to conclusions, and can make unreasonable demands or make threats. Aggressive complainers can be intimidating but should be handled in a calm manner unless the employee feels threatened in which case calling for help may be necessary.

Passive complainers are the most lethal to a businesses success, as they will complain to everyone but the actual business. Since the business is left unaware of their error they cannot correct it and the only thing a passive complainer succeeds in doing is depriving the company of potential business.

Constructive complainers are most beneficial to a business since they address their problem to the business in a calm rational manner. Constructive complainers allow a company to see and understand a problem, which allows them to then repair it. Constructive complainers tend to receive beneficial solutions to their problems and the business also benefits from knowing the error of their ways.

Whatever type of complainer they may be, it is important to deal with all complaints with the utmost care after all, the customer is essential to a businesses livelihood. Being an empathetic listener is a key part of understanding and helping you customer achieve the results they desire. If dealt with effectively both parties should part feeling satisfied with the solution.

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